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Carlos Reyes is the Secretary/Treasurer of Equity Investment Fund I. Prior to that, he formed the Reyes Law Group in December 2009. Mr. Reyes brings to bear his 26 years of legal practice by overseeing the firm’s real estate and litigation divisions.  Moreover, he has first-hand knowledge of the real estate development process, having participated in, developed and brought to market, multiple multi-unit condominium conversion projects.  His primary focus at Equity Investment Fund I and this Fund will be in the form of negotiating, contracting, and closing of commercial and residential real estate transactions, and further, structuring transactions to ensure they are properly securitized and/or collateralized for investors.  On the flip side, when delinquencies arise, his litigation experience, expertise and oversight will provide the critical and necessary interplay necessary when dealing with and against defaulting borrowers in foreclosure, bankruptcy and other litigation proceedings, or otherwise in connection with its efforts to collect Asset indebtedness.


Secretary and Treasurer


Val Zevel has been an avid and successful real estate investor since 1995.  Mr. Zevel started investing in his various funds and companies from 1995 to today. Between 2005 and 2008 Mr. Zevel furthered his experience in real estate by working as an Appraiser. He was also a Licensed Mortgage Broker between 2004 and 2009. In 2007 Mr. Zevel received his Florida Realtors License and continues as a Multi-million dollar producer in real estate.  Mr. Zevel sits on various corporate boards such as Helpful Technologies and runs a highly lucrative real estate management company for private clients.